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We are one of the most leading-edge Restaurant Point of Sale software providers for independent restaurants, independent POS providers and independent sales organizations (ISO).

Since 2003, we have helped thousands of independent restaurants modernize their computer systems and operations. We serve hospitality businesses of all types including fine-dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, catering providers, delivery/Carry-Out restaurants, bars, cafeterias, coffee shops, and many more.

We also provide language support for all restaurants with different ethnic backgrounds such as Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc.


After all, we provide the best value of Restaurant Point of Sale software with all the modern functions and most affordable prices in the entire POS industry.


We offer the most competitive prices for all of our products and services with free software upgrade for all of our customers. Our customers and resellers save thousands of dollars per year.


After almost two decades of improvement and perfection, our software boasts virtually all the features needed for restaurant operations such as sales, inventory, reporting, online ordering, gift card, loyalty, marketing, time keeping, dispatching, customer relationship management and many more, along with excellent reliability, performance and user-friendliness.