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First Ever Private Cloud Servers for Restaurants

From Supermenu POS

Supermenu POS gives restaurants the options to
have their own private Cloud Servers for the total ownership of their most valuable asset: Their Business Data

Unlike other Cloud Based POS systems, Supermenu POS is the hybrid POS system that combine the benefits of both traditional desktop based POS systems and the modern cloud based POS systems.

  •  Supermenu POS will still work even if the internet is down. Supermenu POS will run faster than cloud based POS.
  • With Supermenu POS, all business data can be backed up in the private cloud server and the restaurant owners maintain 100% ownership of the data
  • The restaurant owners can access their historical or real-time data from anywhere anytime and the data will not be shared by anyone else
  • Enterprise restaurant owners can have all the data from all locations saved into their own enterprise cloud server for centralized management
  • Enterprise restaurant owners can manage their corporate menus in their private cloud server and broadcast the menus to all locations instantly
  • The Hybrid Systems by Supermenu POS provide restaurants with the biggest cost savings with all the functions needed for modern restaurants


There are some serious questions the restaurant owners need to ask the pure play Cloud-based POS provider before signing the contract:

1. Who owns the data? The restaurant Owners or the Cloud POS provider?

2. Does the Cloud POS provider share the restaurant customer and operational data with some third parties? Or does the Cloud POS provider sell the restaurant customer and operational data to some other parties for profit?

3. Does the Cloud POS provider give the restaurant owners unlimited access to all their business data without any extra charge and restrictions?

4. Is the long-term cost of using a pure play Cloud POS system higher or lower than traditional or hybrid POS systems?

If the restaurant owners cannot get good answers from the cloud POS providers, choose Supermenu POS.

We give restaurant owners full control of their POS system and data with the least amount of long term cost of owning a POS system. Our hybrid POS solutions have the best of both worlds.

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