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Point of sales and efficient communication go hand-in-hand. Customers want reliable updates on when their payments are complete and their delivery is on the way (especially in the restaurant industry).

So why not use text to give them that quality experience?
99% of texts are opened and 95% are read within three minutes of being sent. Check out how Text Request can help Supermenu harness that speed and power with a professional texting solution!

1. Deliver curbside pickup updates.

Texting updates on pick up and drop offs gives customers the ultimate experience they’ve come to expect from food delivery services. Text Request can help restaurants take that one step further when their drivers are able to include pictures of themselves and their drop off spot.

2. Share promotions and discounts.

Restaurants have promotions and discounts they run to attract new customers. They can increase business and get the word out about those new deals by sharing them over text! All it takes is one quick mass message. Restaurants can even include images and links to direct customers to take action.

3. Send online order confirmations.

Customers want to know their order went through and their meal is officially on the way. Text Request has a template feature that streamlines this process by saving restaurants the time it takes to retype those messages. Simply select the saved confirmation template, and hit send!

4. Collect payments faster.

Text Request allows restaurants to text links, so customers know exactly where to go to make their online payments. Resturants will be able to collect more bills on time and keep revenue flowing.

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